About Us

Hort Couture is THE brand for the Independent Garden Center.

Founded as an independent brand for independent retailers, Hort Couture remains true to its roots. In a few short years, Hort Couture had grown from an idea into a revolution. Hort Couture partners with independent, like-minded breeders, licensing companies and propagators from around the world to bring unique, exclusive genetics to the market that cannot be found at the mass merchants. Hort Couture is a comprehensive brand offering garden centers a full line of annuals, tropicals, succulents, herbs, vegetables and ornamental grasses.

Stylish, sophisticated packaging, unique plant material and creative displays make Hort Couture the luxury brand for the independent garden center. Hort Couture allows independents to create and exclusive, boutique experience that provides the essence of high fashion in the independent garden center. Hort Couture embodies the spirit of its core demographic: independent, unique and sophisticated.

However, Hort Couture is more than just a marketing program. An extensive Genetic Evaluation program has been created to locate and trial plant varieties from around the world. This program puts potential varieties through a rigorous trialing process to ensure that we offer not only unique varieties, but varieties that truly perform in the greenhouse and the garden.