One of the most unique Calibrachoa series on the market. Large flowers are set off by deep eye zones. Like a sunset, Tokyo Sunset offers a myriad of colors in shades of orange, yellow and red.

Mounded habit spills over containers and hanging baskets

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Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Ballet Slippers
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Blue Jeans
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Lipstick Pink
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Mandarin Glow
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Perfect Purple
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Perfect Yellow
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Pure Cotton
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Red Rouge
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Star Pink
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Ready To Wear™ New York
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Ready To Wear™ Milan
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Ready To Wear™ Paris
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Ready To Wear™ Tokyo
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Blue Dragon
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Kim Chi
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Obi Lavender
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Tokyo Sunset
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Ready to Wear™ Kyoto
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Ready to Wear™ Osaka
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Ready to Wear™ Sapporo
Calibrachoa Kimono™ Black Dragon
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Paprika
Calibrachoa Catwalk™ Paprika
Full to part sun. Perfect for baskets or mixed containers. Best seller! Orange
Zones 9 - 11 Calibrachoa prefer a moist, well drained soil for best performance.
Height: Up to 8 in.  |   Spread: Up to 12 in.  |   Spacing: 9 in. Calibrachoa have high fertilizer requirements. For best performance, apply an all-purpose fertilizer such as 20-10-20 once weekly.