What’s New??!!

What’s New…

Our focus is greater than ever on finding amazing plants and delivering them

from the best partners in the business. Our company is better equipped now

to bring value, dependability and quality to the market than ever before.


New Varieties… New Ideas

We have over 30 new varieties for 2019. Culinary Couture is a major focus for our company. We have new,

innovative tomatoes, peppers, herbs, edible flowers and a huge array of new breeding in kale and other

Brassicaceae crops. We now have NO POT requirement for the brand, only our stylish Lady Couture tag!


New Relationships

A great plant starts with a great liner. Our URC program is now based at Innovaplant in Costa Rica and all

sales of URC go through Ball Horticulture as well as all Seed sales. You will find all of our varieties on

Ball WEBTRACK. We are grateful for this new relationship that strengthens our supply chain and breeder

network. The future of Hort Couture is very bright and the IGC will benefit from our brand even more.


Rooted Starter Plants are now shipping from Peace Tree Farms, Wenke Greenhouses, Wenke

            Sunbelt & Meadowlands Propagators (Canada). These liners are available from our original broker network.