Petunia Double Trouble™, Petunia Glamouflage™& Petunia Panache™

Double Trouble™- These double picotee Petunias will cause fights in the aisles at the garden center and arguments at the register

over customers wanting to pay more. They are truly Double Trouble! Amazing performance, huge flambouyant

flowers and rich grandiflora fragrance make these something really special. We are redefining the double

petunia with this new breeding project that has performance in heat like nothing in the market. NEW!

Glamouflage™- is one of our best introductions ever. These perfect growing Petunias combine electric leaves with

big, bright flowers. Every combo looks cooler with a Glamouflage as a component. The NEW Pink Lemonade is

very early flowering and has bright golden variegation. All three have tremendous summer performance.

Panache™  petunia- The only vegetative Petunia grandiflora varieties in the market. Large flowers, sweet fragrance and a graceful

habit like no other varieties. We get rave reviews from growers every year. The ultimate basket petunia!