Patio Perfect™ & Health Smart™ Peppers

   Bring your customers something new for their containers this Spring with our veggies that are perfect for

   containers, vertical garden spaces and patios. Eggplants, cucumbers and peppers that are unique, beautiful

   and slower growing are all part of our PATIOPERFECT™ brand. The HC pepper breeding is outstanding!

The new

           HealthSmart™ Peppers have great potential. These Chili peppers have the reputed ability to inhibit the

           conversion of sugar when ingested after a meal. This has huge inplications for TypeA diabetic individuals.

           Though not approved yet by the FDA, they are approved by similar agencies in other countries most

           recently in Japan.

         HealthSmart™ comes in hot, medium and mild strains and they have a nice

           chili pepper flavor. Be sure to make this a part of your 2019 planting plan.